Home Office

The importance of the home office is increasing as more and more of the workforce works remotely.

By shaping your home office setting around your needs, you can provide an optimal environment to be as healthy, productive and engaged as possible. That's good for you and for your organization. The Millington Lockwood portfolio of ergonomic solutions from a variety of manufacturers lets you choose the right mix of tools to support all the things you do - from the way you think to the way you move and interact with your physical space. We can provide solutions that have considered people's experiences of the workplace and their fundamental human needs. In addition, our team is trained in the latest research on the sociology of work -how people affect the work environment and how that environment affects people. Our hope is to share this knowledge with you so that we may assist in creating workspaces where every element feels right.

Work and Play is advanced with the new Embody Gaming Chair

A new innovation by Herman Miller and Logitech G

Performance Chair takes on new meaning

  • Posturefit
  • Backfit
  • Pixelated Support
  • Copper Infused Cooling Foam

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