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Welcome to the Millington Lockwood Showroom
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Millington Lockwood, Company Founder

About Millington Lockwood

Founded in 1884, Millington Lockwood is one of Buffalo's oldest companies and is currently comprised of two primary business division, Millington Lockwood Business Interior Solutions and AMP Interior Construction. The Business Interior Solutions division is a distributor of commercial office furniture, architectural products and related services. The AMP Interior Construction division is a distributor of prefabricated interior construction and all related products, services as well as technical, construction expertise. Each business division serves clients in the corporate, education, healthcare, and government markets.

Millington Lockwood employs more than 70 dedicated and talented individuals. The company’s highly effective commercial office furniture sales team works with experienced cross functional teams comprised of interior design, customer service, project management, and delivery & installation professionals. Our team ensures each project meets the company’s high standard of excellence for all customers, no matter the size or scale. We are blessed to have an entire company comprised of people who truly care about the company’s customers.

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Millington Lockwood Showroom

The main corporate headquarters is located directly across from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The 45,000 square foot facility includes a 10,000 square foot working office showroom with many furniture and interior construction solutions on display as well as warehousing space, a refinishing plant and pre-owned options for sale — all under one roof.

Millington Lockwood is a proud member of MillerKnoll Certified Dealer Network. Along with partners across North America, the company is committed to consistent, high-quality, expert service to help create amazing, functional spaces that support your business goals.

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About the MillerKnoll Certified Dealer Network

The reach of the network—whose membership includes nearly 50 dealers operating out of more than 240 locations across North America—enables Millington Lockwood to handle projects of all sizes, even those covering multiple locations. So no matter how complex or expansive your project may be, we can provide you with a single resource—one point of contact, one contract, one invoice—for a fully-coordinated and seamless process. And because all MillerKnoll Certified Dealers must meet the same rigorous requirements to earn and maintain our network affiliation, you can be sure that Millington Lockwood and our fellow member dealers across North America will consistently perform to your expectations.

From shared technological capabilities such as the web-based ServiceNet program, which helps us coordinate dealer activity across markets, to our common Customer Satisfaction Survey, which gives us valuable feedback on the work we do for you, the Certified Dealer Network provides valuable support that helps us deliver an exceptional level of service.

HM Sustainability


Millington Lockwood is proud to be a good steward of the environment. We are changing our everyday habits such as paper reduction, recycling, and cutting back on our use of electricity to help the environment. We are also facilitating ways to help our clients initiate sustainable environments and partnering with like-minded manufacturers.

With a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional designer on staff, we can assist clients and their teams in fully understanding how MillerKnoll products contribute to LEED credits, while quickly providing required documentation for LEED and other building certifications.

We are proud to associate with and represent some of the world's leading manufacturers of sustainable products, most notably Herman Miller, where designing products with consideration for their environmental impact is a central corporate strategy.

With a legacy of environmental stewardship dating back to the 1950s, Herman Miller's interest in the environment began with the strong convictions of its founder, D.J. De Pree, who believed that corporations, like people, should see themselves as stewards.

“Herman Miller will be a good corporate neighbor by being a good steward of the environment.” —D.J. De Pree, founder, Herman Miller, Inc., 1953

This commitment to the environment has taken shape through almost 50 years of programs, initiatives, and the many contributions of individuals and teams. During that time, concern for the environment has become part of MillerKnoll corporate life, from architecture to product design to operations.

As a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council and an active participant in creating the LEED protocol, Herman Miller has helped carry the concept of environmental stewardship across industries and around the world.

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