Healthy Living In the Workspace

HomeStation provides infection control solutions designed for high-touch technology in healthcare environments. Specializing in products that reduce contamination, enhance the workspace & workflow design. We also provide ergonomic assessments and tailored training programs.

With a large number of infections being transmitted through the air and high-touch surfaces, infection control has become increasingly important wherever people come into contact with one another. The rise of IT and high-touch, smart devices in the healthcare industry has been a benefit but has also brought about cross-contamination points that may work to spread infection throughout an institution.

Medical grade keyboards and mice that can withstand harsh disinfectants (even bleach), are dishwasher safe and come with embedded antimicrobial product protection.

Custom-cut medical-grade screen protectors to fit any screen and provides protection against dings and dents while flexing its embedded antimicrobial product protection.


The ElectroClave provides disinfection compliance tracking and 360-degree UV-C disinfection for mobile communication devices and other small patient-facing equipment such as telemetry monitors. The latest research even demonstrated that they can be used to disinfect N95 masks, which have been in short supply due to COVID-19.

Electro Clave Edison 1
Picture of healthcare worker dressed in protective gear.
Long before the current global pandemic healthcare organizations have utilized highly trained, professional teams to eliminate cross-contamination and the spread of infection. We offer products and services designed to improve workflow, ergonomics and point of care while reducing the spread of infection in a high touch environment.

Adjustable monitors and keyboards

Mobile technology carts