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Delivery & Installation

Millington Lockwood invests in an in-house installation crew. This decision to insource allows us to deliver an unmatched level of service to our customers.

Our lean installation process, known as the “Last Mile,” is the backbone of our installation capabilities. This program is unique to our industry, introduced by Herman Miller’s partnership with Toyota. This relationship has enabled Herman Miller to adopt and implement world-class, lean-manufacturing processes based on the Toyota Production System. In turn, the application of lean-thinking has spread to Herman Miller’s network of dealers, including Millington Lockwood, allowing us to reduce the time from order entry to customer installation by eliminating waste and improving quality.

Our role in the “Last Mile” is an extension of the Herman Miller Performance System (HMPS). This system focuses on providing our customers with exactly what they need, when they need it, and the way they need it. “Last Mile” creates a more efficient installation by reducing human struggle. Many of the “Last Mile” techniques utilize visual cues, such as color coding space plans to create an instinctive workflow.

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