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Mission / Values


Our Interior Purpose: You

Our Mission: Satisfied Customers


We remain dedicated to providing our clients with a positive and rewarding customer experience of superior value, based on quality products, services, and the manner in which we conduct our business.


Our mission is driven by our key values:


  • We keep our promises
  • Our word is our bond


  • For everyone
  • In each and every relationship, internally and externally 

Employee Importance 

  • Our people are our greatest offering
  • Our environment leads to long-term employees and more satisfied customers

Sense of Humor

  • Our customers’ work is serious business … but we enjoy it with smiles and laughter

In more than 100 years of business, we’ve earned a reputation for being the best commercial interior designer in Buffalo, and we’ve done so by proudly putting our clients first. See just how valuable you are to us. Contact Millington Lockwood today.

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